Information Technology

Information Technology

We are a dedicated team of skilled IT professionals committed to aligning with our company's strategic objectives, partnering with the business in delivering innovative technology solutions in a dependable, cost effective, and scalable way.

Our mission is to consistently provide our business partners with stable, secure technology that meets the businesses’ needs, enables business outcomes, and exceeds their expectations.

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Work you'll do


The Liberty Applications Team is responsible for the administration, monitoring, and maintenance of enterprise software installed at Liberty, including both off-the-shelf and in-house developed applications.


The Liberty Infrastructure Team is responsible for managing datacenters, hardware, software, and service components that are the foundation for our business systems.


The Liberty Operations Team is responsible for the delivery of support services for existing and new technologies driving the business.  These include areas like Service Management, Infrastructure Operations, End User Computing, Enterprise Service Desk, and Field/Local Support.

Enterprise Project Management Office

The Liberty EPMO Team is responsible for recognizing and forming portfolios of related work for both IT and non-IT projects. Portfolios are prioritized and align to Business Sponsors and capital budget.  EMPO teams are tasked with ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Security, Risk and Compliance

The Liberty Security, Risk and Compliance Team is responsible for protecting our IT infrastructure, edge devices, networks, and data. We are also responsible for preventing data breaches and monitoring and reacting to attacks.

Enterprise Architecture

The Liberty EA team is responsible for enabling Liberty to execute on its business strategy through flexible, scalable, and innovative technology. The EA teams are tasked with defining current and target architectures along with the appropriate level of architecture governance.

Meet our team

  • Lisa DeSouza – Manager, Applications Services - IAM

    “Being a part of the Liberty IT applications group is very fulfilling, knowing that we are doing our part to give Liberty employees the software and access to data to allow them to serve our customers more effectively.” 

  • Asim Rao – Supervisor, IT Infrastructure - Virtualization

    “I am passionate about ensuring my customers (Business) get the Best from IT service we manage - which in IT Infrastructure point of view is an IT Service that is Highly Available, Secure, Trustworthy and Predictable. To me providing these services is not just Work rather a passion. I love learning new innovations and ensuring those are efficiently passed on to our customers.”

  • Diana Ceja – Supervisor II, IT Operations - Endpoint Services

    “What I enjoy most working for Liberty is the people I work with.  In my team, we are spread across different regions and have a family-like culture.
    What makes my job interesting is that it always offers a chance to learn something new, my job will never become stale.  There are plenty of opportunities to be creative and to grow. 

    Work life balance is a reason to join Liberty.  I am able to prioritize important things in my personal life and not miss out on my kid’s school activities, while still being able to do my job.”

  • Marcia Spence – Senior Manager, Transformation

    “Being a member of the EPMO allows me to interact with people from various areas of the organization while leading the execution of both IT and non-IT transformation programs to deliver positive business outcomes.”

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